LOLA & LO is a Spanish contemporary brand of Exclusive Limited Editions of shoes, bags and accessories.
Our collections are the result of a devoted and passionate work of our designer and our artisans, who combine their traditional handcraft talent with a magnificent innovation.
Our shoes and bags are designed and handmade in Spain, where we carefully choose the best materials for each piece, such as Italian and Spanish leathers, exceptional fabrics and unique heels.  
Raul Coloma, Co-Founder and Creative Director of LOLA & LO was born and raised in Lima, Peru, the land of sensibility, diversity, and uniqueness of landmarks.
It was during his youth, while living at the Canary Islands working for a luxury multi-brand boutique, when he discovered the world of fashion, which immediately became his passion.
Raúl has also lived in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Moscow, where he has worked for prestigious Spanish and International fashion firms and where he discovered the magic of the fusion of different cultures, trends and styles.
It was during his period of life while living in Moscow when he discovered his talent and inspiration for designing shoes.
Raul Coloma currently lives in Spain, where he passionately dedicates his time to designing his collections and to supervise, alongside with his team, all the processes of handcrafting the brand’s unique pieces.
Raul frequently visits the brand's’ Flagship Store located in Madrid, since he loves interacting directly with our customers and guests.
Antoni Gascón, Co-Founder and non-executive advisor of LOLA & LO was born in Barcelona, the city of culture, style and harmony.
He has a long experience in the world of Retail, having worked for fashion firms as well as for Retail Developers and Real Estate companies.
Antoni currently lives in the city of Moscow, where he works for an International Real Estate firm on the launch, development and management of shopping centres in Russia.
Antoni Gascón is a non-executive adviser to LOLA & LO.